Sunday, September 26, 2010

St. Olaf's Chapel

St. Olaf's Lutheran Chapel, 1953, in Eagle Bay, NY on the South Shore Rd between Inlet and Old Forge. (Photo 9/24/10)

This chapel is not listed in "Adirondack Churches" and I haven't found much on the internet about it.

Scandinavian in look with brushed vertical siding and simple carved detail on the porch posts. A sign indicates the rest room around back which is an outhouse. To the left of the front porch is a 9 or 10 foot cross standing over a pile of stones overgrown with ferns. Obvious in the pile of stones is a large white chunk of coral. If in fact this is a grave I would be very interested in knowing the story of the person buried there. 
Perhaps some Norwegian seaman. But how did he get there? Something I'll have to follow up on.

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  1. St. Olaf's chapel is a replica of a 14th century Norwegian church, built by Al & Rolf Brynilsen. Al purchased Camp Monroe (now Brynilsen's Viking Village), which is the camp across the street from the chapel, in the 1940's. The pile of stones are brought by people who rent the cottages and patronize the chapel in the summer.